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So you think you could offer a unique and personal experienceand you love to share your passion and knowledge with other people,Or you already have experiences that you offer through a company. In both variants, offering your experience through Nerja-Experiences is a beneficial outcome.

Add your experience on our website

What are the advantagesBeyond the fact that you are on our website between a variety of activities in and around Nerja. We go a bit further and we advertise your experience on our social media platforms. Also distribute flyers and posters in hotels, hostels and other public places in and around Nerja.

We help you create an attractive page for your experience.

Also take the first contact with people. who show interest in your experience and answer their questions. When they book your experience, we send them the necessary information as agreed in advance with you as the host.And then your part starts taking care of a great experience.


Nerja-Experiences also has no exclusive policy  that you sometimes see. We are an addition to your own promotion and network. The place where multiple experiences and especially a wide variation all in one place come together.There is no cost to add to your experience. Your only costs when your experience is booked 10% commission will go to Nerja experiences.

If you want your experience on our website or more information, please      send us a message

Then we will contact you to make an appointment or answer your questions. The conditions for putting your experience on our website.We will further explain the conditions when we contact you.